Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning Drawing Upon Views Of Various Scholars

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According to Blythe (2010), segmentation, targeting and positioning are fundamental to the concept of meeting customer need. This essay will outline and analyse these fundamental tools of marketing in an academic setting, in addition to, assessing how an organisation of my choice applies them in a working environment. Included in this essay, will be an academic discussion of the advantages of market segmentation, targeting and positioning drawing upon views of various scholars. Furthermore, I will provide a profile of my chosen organisation as well as an assessment of their market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies. The essay will finish with a summary of the main points and will draw conclusions based on the evidence which has been presented. Discussion of segmentation 25% - 3 aspects, different views/definitions, advantages for certain products Although segmentation, targeting and positioning can be viewed as similar and parallel, it is important to distinguish these three concepts so to fully understand each of their roles. ‘Market segmentation represents an effort to identify and catergorise groups of customers and countries according to common characteristics’ (Keegan and Green 2016, p.228). For any business, it is crucial that they segment their market accordingly or they will risk forgoing sales opportunities. Fahy and Jobber (2015) identify the objective of market segmentation as distinguishing groups of customers with similar requirements so

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