Analysis Of The Clan Of One-Breasted Women

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Everyone plan to live a strong healthy life, ladies and gentlemen that is not always the case. Terry Tempest Williams wrote “The Clan of One-Breasted Women” but it originally came from a book that was published October 1991 by Pantheon Books, a division of Random House Inc. this essay pushed the issue of how a bomb explosion put people loved ones in danger. Williams informs and persuade Cancer survivors and people that lost a loved one to cancer by having evidence like how it came in effect today, personal background experiences, imaginary, and how religion.
Although Williams was informing throughout the essay about the disaster persuading also took place. Ladies and gentlemen, she told us about how the disaster happened and slowly over time people started to die. This disaster happened in 1957 but in 2017 thousands of people have cancer. Williams informs us that even though this happened many centuries ago it still affects today society. The essay then persuades about how the government lied and said the testing was okay but the testing was not okay at all. Even though the government only ruled ten cases and then said, “the Supreme court refused to review the appeals court decision” (Williams). By the government saying everything will okay and them not wanting to do any more cases it should persuade society to take part in the situation going on. The government is supposed to help but instead, the government is ripping society health apart by allowing nuclear testing to

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