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The documentary I.O.U.S.A. (directed by Patrick Creadon) gives a detailed analysis of the four deficits that matter to every American citizen. As explained by David Walker in 2007, such deficits are believed to have grand implications on the future of the United States. Such deficits will dictate a wide range of American issues such as the welfare of its citizens, the nation’s role in the globe, its domestic tranquility and issues of social security (Rosen, 2014). The issues of national debt have continued to play a negative card on the United States over the previous presidencies. This essay will therefore give a detailed analysis of the four deficits and explore the actions undertaken by presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Obama. The description will explore how national debts swung either downwards or upwards during the three consecutive presidencies. The discussion will also offer the most appropriate advice to the current presidential candidates in order to address this issue successfully. A Detailed Analysis of the Four Deficits The first national deficit is the federal budget. Statistics indicate that the American government has been spending more than it earns on public services and goods. From 2000, the country fiscal outlook has been negative. Annual deficits and debts have been increasing and accumulating due to tax cuts, ineffective budget measures and costly wars. the weakening economy in 2008-9 was also a major blow to the budget. The second

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