Analysis Of The East Los Angeles College Transfer Center

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The department that I reviewed using the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) was the East Los Angeles College (ELAC) Transfer Center. I am currently doing my graduate assistantship at the ELAC Transfer Center. Therefore, I thought it would be a more meaningful experience to choose this department to review using the CAS standards because it offers the opportunity to learn more about the department and probably provide my supervisor suggestions that can help improve the department to be more effective in serving students. I interviewed two individuals in the department in order to get some insight on how well of a job the department is dong in adhering to the CAS standards. The first person I interviewed was the Transfer Center…show more content…
I would recommend that the ELAC Transfer Center mission be disseminated throughout the office space to reinforce the message of their mission statement every time one of the employees views it. Program The primary elements of the department are academic advising, transfer application assistance, transfer assistance, academic counseling. As a strength, the program is intentional in providing students with reliable information to transfer, since the information is always changing. Also, the department is strong in implementing services such as conferences, workshops, summer programs, and campus tours that with assist students in the transfer process. Another strength of the department is a consistent collaboration with other programs within the institution to benefit the students such as collaboration with programs like Puente and EOP&S in which these programs bring their student to the Transfer Center to attend Transfer 101 workshops. An area in which the department was inconsistent with the CAS standards was in not having established student learning outcomes. In addition, the department was also inconsistent in their program design not using multiple formats to deliver the information, for example lacking a video presence, not doing enough to engage with parents, therefore being unconsidered of their student population. Organization and Leadership The leadership practices of the department are consistent with the CAS standards in that its practices

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