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Unit 5013 - Leadership practice ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Introduction ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- This unit is about being able to define and show an appreciation for key leadership principles in setting and communicating organisational direction, and the application of leadership styles in the achievement of organisational objectives. It is also about being able to differentiate between the leadership and management aspects of a job role and show an understanding of how these are integrated to enable effective performance. -------------------------------------------------…show more content…
Discuss why it is important for those with management responsibilities to be able use both leadership and management skills effectively. Identify some of the behavioural and skills challenges raised by this concept. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Compare and contrast the differing demands of leadership and management and discuss two working examples of occasions when managers have to strike a balance between these demands in order to work effectively. Where possible, use work based examples throughout. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Guideline word count: 950 - 1,100 words ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- *********************************************************************** ------------------------------------------------- The first comment is that there is some really good stuff in here and the main problem is the way in which your have organised your response. That is assignment technique and not knowledge or understanding, and is therefore easy to sort! ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- The first thing that you need to do is to sort out what content you are going to put under each of the Assignment criteria headings 1.1,1.2 and 1.3 and

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