Analysis Of The Essay 'Their Blood Is Strong'

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The texts, “Their Blood is Strong” and “America’s poisoned children need a hashtag,” share a common theme: children. More specifically, these children are being treated unfairly. Both texts explain the oppression of these children and the failure to fix the system.
The essay “Their Blood is Strong” exemplifies the children’s struggle by referencing Spring in 1938. California was rich and green. There was no war, plague, or bombing occurring at the time. However, thousands of families were still starving. Despite this terrible struggle, the public fails to recognize starvation’s severity. Coroners are filling in malnutrition instead of starvation in causes of death. Though both appear synonymous, they have different connotations. Malnutrition
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The article discusses child labor in tobacco fields. Children ages 7 to 17 suffer from chronic illnesses as a result of poisoning from nicotine and pesticides. Furthermore, the teens that work in the summer suffer from nausea, vomiting, headaches, skin rashes and irritated eyes. As shown in a study, most children are working in the fields to provide for their family who can barely put food on the table. In attempt to fix this poverty, some people to respond to this epidemic. Hilda Solis spoke out against this and said, “We simply cannot-and this administration will not-stand by while youngsters working on farms are robbed of their childhood.” The agribusiness lobby objected, and mobilized all its forces from the American Farm Bureau and Monsanto to the beef, pork, and poultry producers to stop the rules from taking effect. They campaigned claiming that family farms would be ruined. Again, this situation emphasizes how society shrouds reality in attempt to compensate for their failure. Also, as stated in the article, Michelle Obama is an advocate for endangered children in Nigeria. She is focusing on other countries’ welfare, but fails to realize that America has plenty of people in poverty. The media covers the aspects of other countries that are in poverty. However, media does not cover America because America is generally wealthy, and society covers up the people in need with society’s general wealth. The American
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