Analysis Of The Film ' Candyman That Was Directed By Bernard Rose And Clive Barker ' Essay

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In looking at the 1992 horror film entitled Candyman that was directed by Bernard Rose and Clive Barker, race is one of key parts of the film. Many aspects of the film were changed from the short story that Clive Barker wrote in 1985 entitled The Forbidden. Most the notable aspects of the film are missing in the original story and this brings the to mind the idea that something caused Clive Barker to change so many key features of his story as he brought the story to life on the silver screen. As mentioned by Mark Pellegrini in his article about Candyman “as he appeared in “The Forbidden” was actually a white guy with long blonde hair and incredibly pale skin. Another difference was Candyman’s garb. In the film he wears a long overcoat, while in the book he is clad in a brightly colored patchwork outfit. The actor that plays Candyman in the film is the furthest possible image from The Forbidden could ever be as a 6’5-foot African American actor named Tony Todd. Another notable change was the location of the story itself as it was supposed to be set in London, England but was instead moved to the housing project in Chicago, Illinois for the film. The film, Candyman, is notable not only as one of the few slasher films that features African Americans but it is one of the few horror movies that not only showed African Americans as racially inferior human beings and as products of victimization while also challenging racial stereotypes of the period of the late 1980s through

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