Analysis Of The Film Interstellar

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The film Interstellar by Nolan Christopher tells a story of humanity in peril with the search of a new sustainable world. This film is imbedded with various elements of different genres in which classify the film in more than one category. The adventure, mystery, and a realistic possible space travel predicament is captivating. The New York Post calls the film, "one of the most exhilarating film experiences so far this century.". The film’s music composition throughout the film is one of the main factors in which brings each scene and the emotion of the characters to life. Another factor is the characterization among the movie that exceed the expectations with the duration of almost three hours. The visual setting is mesmerizing and illustrated to a very accurate representation of the real-life science portrayal. Interstellar exemplifies in the music composition, visual presentations, and characterization what else can I add here .
Throughout the movie the music composition in each scene makes the audience feel the atmospheric setting and emotion. The level of how loud was heavily attributed to the film’s connection to the audience as well as allows the settings to be portrayed respectively. In the scene where Cooper leaves Murph the music is intricated among the connection to both characters that set the mood for the audience. Hans Zimmer’s composition evokes the emotion of the departure of both Cooper and his daughter Murph. The harmonies and level of sound aids to

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