In Order to Be an Effective Teacher, Learning Aspects must Be Considered

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In order to be an effective teacher many learning aspects must be considered. Learning aspects such as humanism, motivation and engagement, information processing and play are crucial to allow students to actively participate in deeper learning. These learning aspects not only engage students but encourage them to become autonomous learners who are intrinsically motivated. By employing various techniques from these teaching aspects teachers are able to provide students with lessons that are interactive and engaging.

A humanist approach to teaching supports and informs classroom practice as it encourages a natural desire to learn within the students. Humanists believe that effective teaching and classroom management comes largely from positive teacher-student and student-student relationships. The teacher’s role is crucial in promoting a positive socio-emotional climate and building positive interpersonal relationships. For children to progress their growth and development in a positive manner schools need to be safe and secure environments. Teachers need to aim to make learning environments satisfying to students as this will potentially increase their motivation to learn (Mcinerney page 401). It is important that a humanist approach to teaching is taken as students need to be interested in what they are learning in order to stimulate their curiousity. Students will then become intrinsically motivated to learn and set themselves a mastery goal to autonomously achieve deeper

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