Analysis Of The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

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Have you ever felt isolated? Have you ever felt as if there was too much going on at once? Have you ever been in situations and you feel like you have no one to talk to? Do you have one person that you know you can lean on? The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter is about five main characters going through those same things. These characters are all experiencing different situations and going to the same person, John Singer. These characters all learn valuable life lessons, and can teach readers different lessons as well.
This outstanding book is by Carson McCullers. This was McCullers' first novel. She was only twenty-three years old when this was published in 1940. The novel started out as a short story in her creative writing class, and she got an early working draft of the novel. At this point, the novel was called “The Mute”. She submitted it for a Houghton Mifflin Fiction Fellowship, where McCullers won a cash prize and publishing contract. Her editors are the ones who convinced her to change the title.
This story takes place in a small town in the South in the late 1930s. The main characters are John Singer, Mick Kelly, Biff Brannon, Dr. Benedict Mady Copeland, and Jake Blount. McCullers based Mick Kelly on herself. The five characters continue to cross paths, each having the narrative switch between them depending on the chapters. Their chapters are from their perspective.
This novel has three different parts. In the first part, it is mostly an introduction to each of the

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