Analysis Of The Ink Bridge

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The Ink Bridge Journal Response

The first part of the Ink Bridge is about an Afghan boy named Omed. The violence in this book took me by surprise. In only the first chapter of the book, Omed’s friend Zakir died and Omed’s tongue gets cut off by the Taliban. This introduces the audience to the Taliban and their violent influence on Afghanistan.
With the Taliban pursuing Omed, he desperately seeks asylum in Australia via boat. I can relate to and emphasize with Omed’s story, as my family are also refugees who came to Australia. My mother and her family was living in extreme poverty during the Vietnam War. To hopefully survive the war and find a better life, my mother’s family risked their lives by going on a small crowded boat headed to the ocean. They ventured the sea for days hoping that they would see land. Some boats never made it as they often broke or was attacked by other boats, pirates and Vikings. On these boats, everyone was starving as there was little food and water. My mother said that when someone on the boat died, their deceased body would often be eaten by others on the beat to survive. Luckily, my mother’s boat landed in Australia and they were accepted as refugees.
The story is set in Australia and this gave me a sense of similarity and even fondness to the novel. I could feel the places, sounds and scenes of Australia. Living in Australia, it is interesting to see how Omed and other characters perceive our country.
“He writes to me of the ocean, how

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