Analysis Of The Inventor Of World 's First Programmable Computer

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Question No 1(a)
Deciphered message:
1: Konrad Zuse
Zuse was a civil engineer and he is known as the inventor of world’s first programmable computer. He was born in Berlin, he started to study mechanical engineering but later on he changed his mind to become a civil engineer. He had to do repetitive calculations in civil engineering that led him to think about automating the task. After getting his civil engineering degree he start working as stress analyzer but soon he left his job to start his own company. Zuse make a calculator with a new kind of mechanical assembly and he called it Z1 that became operational in 1938, and it was floating point binary calculator. In 1939 army gave him chance to build Z2. And in 1940 he explained Z2 to the experts of German Research Institute for Aviation. And it helped him to convince them to finance the development of Z3, Z3 became operational in 1941, it was built with the same logic of Z1 but it uses electric telephony relays. In 1940 he makes S1 and S2 computing machines.S2 was used as a converter (analog to digital converter). Zuse is also known as the creator of first high level programming language called Plankalkül (calculus of programs), it was the first algorithmic language devised by Zuse. He constructed logistic machines and algebraic machines; algebraic machine can do scientific computations. Plankalkül represents the idea of Zuse about how to assign work to computer hardware

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