Figurative Language In The Lost Girls

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In the article “The Lost Girls”, Apoorva Mandavilli introduces her argument with the story of a girl with autism who was misdiagnosed nine times. She explains how autism is not as noticeable in females as it is in males. Being misdiagnosed can cause many years of struggle with different professionals and doctors, as it is shown in the young girls that Mandavilli introduces. Mandavilli builds off these young girls’ stories and creates an argument surrounding the issue with misdiagnoses of females with autism. While she writes in an informative tone, her belief is not agreed on with some professionals in the field, so her goal is to convince her audience that the misdiagnosis in the young girls are caused by the limit of information and unknowingness of clinicians. As she builds her argument against clinicians, she uses different literary elements to help persuade the audience. Mandavilli begins her article with a captivating title and assisting subtitles throughout the article to help shape and organize her argument. Her argument consists of factual information along with anecdotes as supporting evidence. In terms of language, she primarily uses descriptive adjectives and tone to expand her argument. In her argument, Mandaviilli uses literary elements in her language to potentially persuade the reader.
Language can also influence the title, which can potentially have a large effect on the rest of the article. It can determine if the audience will even want to read the

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