Analysis Of The Movie ' 12 Years A Slave '

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Introduction In the movie “12 Years A Slave”, we are introduce to a middle class well educated African American free man, name Solomon Northrop, who was married man with two children; a son and a daughter. He was coerced, deceived and fell victim of Human Trafficker, who sold him to slavery for 12yrs. Even though this event happened in 1841, before Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln in January 1863, which set freed every slave in the United States, the same crime still happens today across the globe. Despite all our technology, the new age ideology and advancement in law enforcement agencies, we have over 27 million men and women, mostly women and children being kidnapped, abducted, coerced, lured, into modern day slavery through Human Trafficking across the globe. This number is far greater than number of enslaved men and women before 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. The federal agency tasked with combating this heinous act against humanity in United States is the Department of Homeland Security. The role of Department of Homeland Security in general is to make United States a safe place for its people. This involves passing laws and writing new policies, fighting crimes, and preventing terrorism, among other complex issues. Homeland Security is about safety and protecting the freedom we are accorded as citizens. Some of the works that Homeland Security specialized on are in these areas; Cybersecurity, Counterterrorism, Immigration and Border
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