Analysis Of The Movie ' Are You Okay '

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"Are you okay, Peter?" Halle asked,

"Not really... You see that guy who 's dancing with your friend?"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"He 's the opposite competition of Estee Lauder."

"OMG!" Halle said,

"Halle, Ivan is fascinated with your friend Michael, he really likes him, problem is, he 's engage."

"When did they met? Michael never mentioned nothing to me about him?" Halle asked,

"Well, my friend did mention him... He said that they met last night when he went to the company. They bumped into each other at the parking lots... I 'm telling you pretty, he really....really likes him and knowing him for years, he 's going to break up his engagement."

"Oh! My god... Really?" She asked.

"Yes, really..."
Peter responded and they both glanced at Ivan noticing his serious stare, he wasn 't happy at all, but he remained calmed and sophisticated, but at the end, he couldn 't contain his jealousy and he excuse himself from his friends and he walked over to where Michael was dancing. Peter and Halle were looking at their direction and Peter worried.

"Oh... We are going to have a little problem here."

"Oh, gosh! Peter... Do something, my friends doesn 't tolerate any type of violence, he 's really sensitive about it and if your friend really likes him this shall totally ruin his moment."

"Really? I think we are too late to do something."

Ivan approached the couple and grabbed Michael by his arm. He held him without using force and he turned his eyes at his enemy and said.…
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