Analysis Of The Movie ' August Morning '

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April Morning is a story that describes the process of change in a time when Americans nation was developing. Due to its importance, Hollywood decided to make the movie based off of it with same name and theme. The story takes place during the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775. Adam Cooper is just 15 years old and lives in Lexington. Adam’s decision to sign the muster book for the militia is one of the key turning points of his sudden change from childhood into adulthood. Movie has exaggerated some scenes due to dramatic purpose. The movie is more focused on the summery of the novel. It does have it’s own similarities and differences. The characters were changed and taken off from the movie. I would recommend people to watch the movie and read the novel. Movie has its more emotional side than the novel. Simultaneously, novel has more details compared to the movie. Both, the movie and novel were able to depict a great tale of a child who fought for his country and became a man. Both make us realize how important this battle was to our history and culture.

First of all, Characters were manipulated by a big margin in the movie. Granny’s relation with Adam was very unlike in movie than the novel. In the movie Granny’s role was very silent and haven’t show any significant support towards Adam. On the other hand, Granny was the only family member that was very close to Adam by any means in the novel. “I can’t see what’s to disagree with when you have hardly begun” (P.21).

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