Analysis Of The Movie ' Duck '

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waste any more time or the oden will get cold" and once again you 're trekking up the mountain all the way to the top you let out a woop as you see a house at the top you race inside as the others follow behind you "no way it 's empty" luffy whined zoro then pointed out the very suspicious fire place much to luffy 's confusion zoro pushed the fire place out of the way an entrance was shown "wow that 's so cool zoro how did you find it" "even an idiot could find this" just as we were about to walk down the stairs zoro shouted "duck" you push luffy and nami to the ground as the world around you explodes everything hurts but it 's more of a dull ache when you remembered what happens next you clench your fist angrily you didn 't want to watch as gezo 's dream the oden he made with his life to be destroyed but you knew there was no way out of it the reason luffy fought drago was because that beast stepped on gezo 's oden you watch silently as gezo stood in front of his grandson taking the blow the kid would have he falls to the ground as his oden flips over the only thing keeping the food in was the lid drago at fist thinks it 's gold before the pot is kicked away showing it 's true occupancy "stop" toboi yells he 's still holding on to the rock that he planned to throw at drago "that 's the oden my grandpa put his life into for woonan so people like you shouldn 't touch it" drago gives toboi a nasty smirk before stomping on the food luffy watch on in silence you knew he snapped…
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