Analysis Of The Movie Safe Haven

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The movie I chose to watch was Safe Haven; this movie starts with a woman, named Katie, trying to run away from what looks like a murder. It shows her getting on a bus and going to a different town, while a police officer is chasing her. When she finally gets to a small town she tries to build a life for herself all over again . She buys a house, gets groceries and even paints the floors of her house yellow because of the shopkeeper's daughter tells her that yellow is a bright and happy color. While she is doing this you can see her being very paranoid, always jumping at small sounds and even waking up in the middle of the night when she heard a sound outside her house and broke a hole in her newly painted floors. Then it flashes to the …show more content…

The movie also showed how different situations could be harder than others. Katie’s husband was a cop so he had access to resources that she could never imagine and found ways to hunt her down even though she ran away. This also showed how most people who see situations like this feel like it’s really none of their business and think it’s a family matter. His captain just stood by when he started tracking her down even though he knew he started drinking again and must have known the circumstances surrounding it.
Something I also noticed was how long it took Katie to trust anyone. This shows how much of a lasting impact an abusive relationship has on a person, even when they leave their abuser. There is definitely more to healing from a an abusive relationship than just trying to get away. This could be one out of the many reasons why some people go back even when they do escape. Another thing I noticed was whenever he did anything wrong he always said I'm sorry and tried to apologize for it instead of changing, such as when she made him dinner and was being nice and started to clear the table too soon for his liking it was her fault when he smashed a bottle. He blamed her for his violent actions since he couldn't control his anger because he “loved” her so much. This truly shows how much there is a power dynamic in abusive relationships. Even at the very end when she was beginning to make a new life for herself

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