Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night '

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Aiko slumped down into the empty seat in History toward the back, next to MJ. She had been in school for two weeks now and was starting to get the hang of her double life, even if Fury didn’t let her go on missions yet. Aiko watched Danny take down notes and then look out the window. More memories of days stuck indoors came back and Aiko couldn’t help but sigh. “You like him don’t you?” Aiko jerked out of her thoughts. “Who?” “Danny.” MJ smiled at her. “He’s nice and all. But, what makes you think that?” Aiko replied quickly writing what was on the board into her notebook. “Sure, half the girls in this school have a crush on him because ‘he’s nice and all’. And it 's the way you 're looking at him. You seem to be lost in thought. Daydreaming abotu him, maybe?” MJ smiled. Aiko turned to her and tilted her head. What if people here really knew his whole story? What would they think then? And MJ was kind of right. She was thinking about him. “Ok.” Was all that came out of Aiko 's mouth. “You know I bet I could set you two up. Like on a date maybe?” MJ stated looking over at Danny. Aiko blushed, remembering how Danny had explained it. It would have been filled under the list of thing they weren 't allowed to do while in the outside world. Aiko didn 't know the monks had actually made Danny promise to follw the same rules he did while living with the monks. “He would never go for it.” Aiko stated. "And I am not allowed to date." She said as dignantly as she could

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