Analysis Of The Movie ' White Liar ' By Miranda Lambert

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Picking Up the Pieces
Picking Up the Pieces is the film being produced to document my life. I have never put much thought into how my life would be portrayed or even documented. However, as I sit here thinking about what music I would use for the soundtrack, I start thinking about all of the things that I have been through in my life. All of those hurdles that I had to climb over and the songs that have so much meaning start to flow through my mind. There are many songs to choose from, but I narrow them down to the top four that I feel set the mood of how I have picked up the pieces of my life from a tragic divorce and moved on to now being a thriving non-traditional college student seeking to become a Hospitality Manager.
The first song that I have chosen is “White Liar” by Miranda Lambert because this song represents what I went through during my very tragic divorce. Lambert is an American country music artist who co-wrote this song with Natalie Hemby. The song was released in August of 2009. The reason I chose this song is because the words remind me of what I went through when I found out that my husband of six years had been cheating on me and how I felt. Lambert sings, “Hey white liar, the truth comes out a little at a time and it spreads just like a fire.” My husband had been cheating on me and the entire time, I sensed something was wrong, but he continued to tell me that I was wrong. According to him, they were just friends. In reality, I too was also a white liar…
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