Analysis Of The Movie Zodiac

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In the movie Zodiac, Robert Greysmith is on the trail of the Zodiac killer and has multiple suspects including Rick Marshall. Greysmith wishes to talk to Bob Vaughn, a hunched over, shadowy figure who invites him to his house on a stormy night. Greysmith is following a tip that Marshall had written posters for movies at the theatre; the handwriting on the poster is the closest match to the Zodiac’s so far. However, while trapped in his small kitchen, Vaughn reveals to Greysmith that he, himself drew the posters. Greysmith becomes visibly uncomfortable being in the house when Vaughn, who is coming to conclusions a bit too quickly, asks to follow him to the basements where he keeps his records. The tension quickly rises because basements are a rarity in California and it has been presumed that the Zodiac has a basement. It is the scenes in the basement and following after that gives the audience an intricate rush of emotions that metamorphosizes into dread. The first shot that arises interest occurs is Bob Vaughn in the basement. The lighting in relation to Vaughn is from above, distorting his facial features. The mise-en-scéne makes the scene creepier since the basement has a narrow hallway that is littered with junk that almost reaches the ceiling. The next shot shows Greysmith’s reaction to his present predicament; his face is lit up completely as his eyes dart around the room with a look of disparity presented at a slightly low-angle shot. The establishing shot of each

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