Analysis Of The Novel ' The Girl Who Was Saturday Night '

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STUDENT NAME: Ramnik Cheema ENG3U0 - F CANADIAN NOVEL ISU PART A: KEYS TO THEME AND DRAFT THESIS STATEMENTS For the following “Keys to Theme Template,” record a quotation and explanation of how the statement fulfils the characteristic of each section of the template. Title of the Novel: The Girl Who Was Saturday Night Author: Heather O’Neill Character’s Name: Nouschka Trembley Theme: Isolation 1. Key speech or thought expressed by the main character that relates to one of the five (5) common Canadian themes (see previous PowerPoint). Quote (+ page number): “You interfere with all my plans” (Page 39) Explanation (4-5 sentences): In the story “The Girl Who Was Saturday Night,” Nouschka decides to go to high school again after dropping out. Nicolas, her twin brother, tells her not to go and tries to stop her. While having an argument about this, Nouschka says “you interfere with all my plans” (O’Neill, Page 39). Nouschka and her brother are very attached to each other and they never do anything without each other. This quote makes it very easy to see that Nicolas is holding her back from doing what she wants. At the moment Nouschka has a part time in a book store and wants a higher education but Nicolas has a different view as he doesn’t care about school and makes money through committing crimes. By realizing that both Nouschka and Nicolas have different views on things such as going back to school, Nouschka tries to isolate herself from Nicolas and becomes more
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