Analysis Of The Book Midnight Of Broad Daylight By Pamela Rotner Sakamoto Essay

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The Author
Pamela Rotner Sakamoto is the author of the book Midnight in Broad Daylight, with her first edition published on January 5, 2016. Sakamoto is an American historian and speaks fluent Japanese and while she lived in Japan in Kyoto and Tokyo for seventeen years, Sakamoto worked as a consultant for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. focusing on Japanese-related projects. She has also taught at the University of Hawaii system. Attracted by the artistic culture of Japan, she ended up moving to Japan and meeting many people in Japan that helped with creating her book.
Sakamoto’s Motivation
Sakamoto seen the history between Japan and United States as she studied the effects of WWII, which motivated her to write her book after meeting a Japanese man named Harry Fukuhara, a retired United States army kernel in Japan. As she learns about Fukuhara’s family story, she felt that she should share it with the world because it is a wonderful story that tells how a Japanese American family were caught between two worlds. The story tells the true story of a family who were later separated due to WWII. Before WWII, Japan declared war with China as the Japanese attempt to take over Manchuria, Indochina, and China. Although, the U.S. believes WWII began in 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked, but Japan believes that WWII began in “1937 when China decided she would not submit tamely to Japanese aggression” (Morton, pg. 183).
About the Fukuhara Family

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