Analysis Of ' The Oresteia '

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In the Oresteia, there is a deep relationship between characters which is necessary to understand the role of suffering in Greek tragedy. The most profound form of this relationship is between a mortal and an immortal. Suffering of the mortal spurns a yearning on the part of the immortal to give assistance or guidance to the mortal, like a mother helps her child in pain. Suffering on the part of the mortal is a vital piece to stimulate emotional response from the audience. The same, to a lesser extent, can is also said of many other inter-mortal relationships. The passions felt by the reader because of such a relationship brings an emotional cleansing in response to the suffering of the mortal. The role of suffering in Greek tragedy is to enable the audience to empathize with the characters suffering through their relationships.
Relationship is defined as any two characters having any relations with each other for an end. The relationship between Orestes and Electra is that of love and use; Electra has a love for her brother, but also wants to use him to kill her mother. That use and love portrays to the audience a connection that allows them to more fully understand and relate to the relationship. This happens because of the past experiences the audience had; all men have felt both love and the want for revenge.
The harnessing of emotion in Greek theater is the most powerful tool a playwright had. To be able to manipulate the audience and their emotions is the highest
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