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The podcast, inSocial Work Podcast- Dr. Charles Figley: Veterans and PTSD: Time for a New Paradigm?, was interesting and enlightening. Dr. Charles Figley spoke on many key points, and he opened my eyes to problem areas we as social workers should focus more on with the military population. Three things that stuck out to me the most were issues veterans face when returning from war, stress reactions that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have had on veterans, and what needs to be done for veterans and their families to adjust their lives more easily.
Some of the major issues that veterans face when returning from deployment is transitioning back into the civilian world due to becoming adapted to deployment. When a person is placed into an environment that is not familiar to them, it takes time to adjust to the norms of that environment. Soldiers are deployed multiple of times during active duty and has been stationed in war zones each time, so that is …show more content…

Finley discussed that veterans and their families need people to educate themselves so they can better understand issues that they face. He went on to say that sending care packages to soldiers overseas; adopting a military family; even lending a helping hand to the family members that got left behind can help veterans and families adjust their lives more easily. In short, veterans want know that someone else cares and that they are not alone.
In conclusion, this podcast shined light on a lot of issues service members and veterans experience while risking their lives for our country. Most importantly, it shined light on how social workers can help this populations. Dr. Figley stated that social workers can assist veterans with adjustment issues after deployment by understanding what happened to them; what they lived through; and it will take time for them to adjust to a new environment. Understanding those key concepts will allow us as social workers to work more effectively with the military

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