Analysis Of The Poem ' Elin Diamond '

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Elin Diamond takes an insightful look at a time when the identity of females was being displayed in a false way in restoration theatre. What breaks down is the themes that chained females to their place in society while also uncovering why a female playwright, given her awareness of these problems that surrounded her and females around her, blatantly used and exploited these methods in her writing throughout her life. The apparatus, or enabler of this happening is pulled apart first. She goes into detail explaining the social hierarchy of those who ran and produced theatre predominantly, This being mostly upper class aristocratic males. The same males who were shown to have control of production from the inception of the script to the selling of said tickets to other aristocrats for the viewing of the plays. This leads to the development of new technologies as time progressed so did technology. Elin exposes the fact these technologies created this idea of Spectator fetishism and that from this the identity of women became directly conflicted. It crafted this idea that there were two sides of women, the false, theatrical, and powdered woman versus the "natural" female. Supporting this idea is anecdotal telling 's of men 's fascination with watching women create these theatrical versions of themselves. This idea tied into her second point of the "Virgin Commodities" a large point Elin makes in this section is how the dowry system would go on to change the perspective of how

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