Analysis Of The Poem ' One Perfect Rose '

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One Perfect Rose
Dorothy Parker composed One Perfect Rose on January 4, 1923, the poem shows the conflicts that Dorothy has encountered with men, in this specific poem the author talks about meeting a man and only receiving one flower since they had first encountered each other. In the poem the speaker is talking about receiving a rose, one perfect rose. The author finds the rose rather a clichéd, and overused, she is trying to imply that she desires something more meaningful. Although she is grateful for the rose but would also not mind receiving something more material and tangible to receive instead, the emotion is withdrawn from receiving something so archaic and simple that it leaves a deeper longing for a more psychical representation of affection. The writer clearly represents this conflict of feelings and expectations through the use of symbolism, imagery, and personification throughout the length of the poem to display the emotional feelings from which it is drawn from.
In the first stanza of the poem, the speaker gives the rose quite a unique symbolic meaning. She uses words such as "All tenderly his messenger he chose" this quote from the speaker tells us that the rose itself is the messenger and tender to its touch, showing that grace and care were put into simply displaying initial love and affection. In addition, the author stated that the rose is "Deep-hearted" expressing the meaning the sender put into the rose, how the act of giving her a deep hearted rose

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