Analysis Of The Poem ' The Poppy Flower '

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Cai Guo-Qiang compares his works as the poppy flower. He uses gun powder to make the explosion projects. Gun powder can be dangerous. Gun powder is uncontrollable. But he has been working with the materials for a very long time and he knows well how to manage it. The way he makes his arts are reliable, cool and can harmful. While he is making his arts, most of the times he doesn’t feel like to end until he sees everything is perfect. He also compares drawing as lovemaking meaning that he has to take his time slowly and gently to make everything faultless. His arts are beautiful, the lines, the shapes, the colors were all well made. According to Qiang “Artist is not about what you say but it is about what you don’t say.’’ In my opinion, I think he is trying to say that artist is about what you accomplish, the works that you made, the imagination you put into your arts. In addition, in the video he described the exhibition space and the first time he saw it. He has also showed an installation in Washington, D.C that expressed the power of destruction and the beauty of destruction. Ida Applebroog was a computer illiterate. She moved to New York when was seventy-four. She didn’t have anyone that lived there. But she wanted to bring back art. So, she started to draw and makes books. When she finished making them she sent them out to people that she didn’t even know. She discovered she was an artist at the age of five years old when she wanted her father to draw a stick finger

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