Analysis Of The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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Poetry And I
The poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost relates to my personal life because both the narrator and I had to make a decision. My decision was having to chose between playing volleyball or football in fifth grade. I thought about my previous experiences in both sports. I was a decent player in volleyball and I wanted to get the “All Sports Award” that our school awards to eighth graders who participated in all of the sports that St. Dominic offers; however, St. Dominic did not offer football, so I needed to play volleyball instead of football to get the award. On the other hand, I played football for four years. Football was very fun for me, but I was not as good as the other kids who were playing football. I tried deciding …show more content…

Some of my decisions may bring me to good places, while others may lead me to bad places. In some of my decisions I might have to give up something I love to go to a place that is uncertain. But I learned from the poem The Road Not Taken that you may want to take the path that everyone else is taking, but you should not. The path less traveled is most likely the better path to take.
After having read and studied poetry, it has impacted my life by helping me look at things like some literature with a deeper meaning. So when I read a book or a poem, I will not just skim through it. I will look at the literature with close attention detail to find a meaning that can and will impact my life. Another thing poetry does is it allows me to express my feelings with passion and dignity. Since I know how to do that, I am enabled to be a strong, confident person that is willing to take on life.
Poetry also helps me see the world in a different point of view. For example, in Harlem I got to better understand the struggle that the African American community. Even though I will never know how hard those times were, it gives me more appreciation for who and what I have in my life. Reading poems also helps me deal with my problems. I have used poetry to help with my problems just recently when I got a bad grade. After I got the test back, I immediately remembered the poem Invictus, and how the narrator still had courage even though many bad things

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