Analysis Of The Short Story ' Arafat ' Ta Bir Cocuk '

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The short story, ' 'Arafat 'ta Bir Çocuk ' ', has two protagonist characters who are mainly children living in a foreign country. Yilmaz is one of them. He is the other of the society in which people generally adopt certain kinds of belief, they have certain cultural values; therefore, there is no room for others and these others are side-lined in every activity in social life. Hence, the effect of being room-less on the character, Yılmaz, in a society he does not belong to sometimes reaches a serious point because of the religious, ethnic, cultural features of the society and the fact that the people living in it are not open to another face of world. Religion is the most important factor that affects Yılmaz’s place on society profoundly and makes him feel as an “other” and, it does cause him to take serious action against local inhabitants of the country. Yilmaz is a Muslim; however, the country he lives in is Christian and there are some crucial differences between them which render Yılmaz unnatural to the society and marginal. Ethnic and cultural differences between Yılmaz and local inhabitants also play a great role in badly construction of Yılmaz’s psychological state. The two great dominant pictures of the world, Orient (East) and Occident (West), are always in clash in the story. Yilmaz is an Oriental figure in Occidental area; hence, his oriental possessions are cumbersome burdens on his shoulders in every part of life. One of them that engenders

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