Analysis Of The Sound Of Music

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Summary The Sound of Music is a musical that tells the story of a family living in Austria during the years leading up to World War II. The movie begins with Maria, a failed nun, becoming a governess to a family consisting of seven children and their widowed father. As the film develops, Maria falls in love with the kids and their father, Captain Georg von Trapp. The Captain is a decorated, retired officer of Austria’s imperial navy who strongly opposes the Nazis. Maria and the Captain eventually get married and their family forms a singing group called the von Trapp family singers. Later in the film, after the Anschluss occurs, Georg is told that he must accept a commission in the German navy, causing him and Maria to flee to Switzerland with their children. The movie shows the numerous perspectives that people in Austria had about the Nazi regime and the Anschluss. These major events can be seen from the views of those in support of the Nazis, those who opposed of the Nazis, neutralists, and even children. Overall, it is made clear that there is much controversy surrounding the idea of Germany absorbing Austria.
Historical Accuracy Due to the fact that The Sound of Music is based off of a memoir by Maria von Trapp, it was not extremely difficult to determine the historical accuracy of the film. While the overarching idea of the von Trapps fleeing Salzburg, Austria to avoid a life under Nazi rule is true, not much else is. The list of historical inaccuracies and

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