Analysis Of The Windsor Football Team

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“Losers talk about losing and winners talk about winning.” Wise words from The North County coach, a High school football team that we played earlier in the season. This regular season was more of a bust for the Windsor football team than anything. After putting up a decent season last year going 4-6, but leading the area in total offense, Windsor had high hopes for this season. Unfortunately Windsor dropped off and not only had one of the worst defenses in the area, but also one of the worse offences this past regular season, even though a year before the offence was a power house. What really happened this past season though and why did the owls finish this season 0-9? After not having a winning season in the past 10 years windsor …show more content…

All through the camps and practices players tried to learn the new coaches formations and new plays. Unfortunately players had trouble with the new transition and led to strike one for the team. After a couple weeks of easy camp stuff we began full pads. Many players took it easy though continuing lazy habits from last year. While other schools around the area beefed up and put in their all Windsor players lacked effort and went easy on themselves and teammates feeling bad for themselves in the heat. Strike two for the team and its season. The mentality for the players has been some of the worst i've seen in my life time talking about losing and how bad the team was during this season and placing the blame on everyone else before examining themselves. Strike three for the team and, a strikeout for Windsor and the team. Boom, here comes St.Pius X to our home turf. Windsor has beat them by very large margins in the last two seasons and Windsor was expected to deliver another blowout. Windsor though fell to Pius 28-0 in a rare victory over the owls for the lancers. Even after the poor execution in week one and an embarrassing loss in front of our home crowd the effort did not change. Week two another loss to another east team. Same results in the next week at practice poor effort and now the attitudes started getting to some of the players as they dwindled. Week four comes along still no victories for what should be a powerful Windsor

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