Analysis Of Tuckman 's Five Stages Of Group Development

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8. Reflect on your team paper and presentations. Write a short essay (750 t0 1000 words) that depicts Tuckman’s Five Stages of Group Development as they applied to your team process. Give examples of each stage.(8pts) Bruce Tuckman proposed a group developed model in 1965, the five stages of group development are; Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning. The model has the purpose to help teams to grow, face challenges, handle problems, find solutions, work together, and obtain successful results. The two team projects for this class where I participated went through the five stages of the group development to achieve the main goal of the project. First, the forming stage was when we started meeting, and getting to know the team members, and sharing some information about us. We set the team agreement, goals, and tasks that each team member will perform. Also, we decided on our team leader to be the responsible for submitting the final project. This stage was very important and essential to the team because we exchanged useful personal information like email address, and phone numbers. This stage gave us the opportunity to get to know the members, and look how well they will respond to the team activities, and what would be their behavior. In this stage, we also discussed some concerns, tasks, and ways to approach them. The second stage; storming, this is the phase where conflict might arise, as the group is organizing the tasks, some of them started getting

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