Analysis Of Under The Persimmon Tree

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(AGG) “Without pain how could we feel joy?”
(BS-1) As Najmah was walking back home to her baby brother and mother, bombs had exploded moments before killing both of them, leaving Najmah speechless and unable to comprehend the help Akhtar offers.
(BS-2) Najmah travels through the mountains and regains some control over her life, she attempts dangerous stunts just to get back to her remaining family members, all while still voiceless.
(BS-3) When Najmah comes across Nusrat’s school, she does not trust Nusrat at first but has nowhere else to stay and after kind suggestions help Najmah realize she is safe, she starts to feel happy and is treated as part of Nusrat’s family.

(TS) In Under The Persimmon Tree, Najmah losses have shaped her …show more content…

When she tries to speak she knows what she wants to say, yet nothing comes out and has caught herself voiceless.
(STEWE-2) Throughout Najmah’s entire journey through the mountain she remains silent and continues not to speak. “We walk in silence for a long time” (101). Najmah still has not found the right words to say or her ability to speak. (CS) The events following the death of Najmah's family causes great change in her life and what is about to become of her.

(MIP-2) As Najmah travels through the mountains she regains little control over her life as she focuses on her lost family.
(SIP-A) Najmah has now become a boy and uses her identity to her advantage.
(STEWE-1) With very little food and water, Najmah has to disguise herself as Shaheed because of the dangers as a woman in a strange city, but uses her new identity to her advantage. “ I take advantage of being dressed as a boy to wander in the makeshift bazaar…” If Najmah did not become Shaheed she would have to stay inside the tents with little space to wander just like other women.
(STEWE-2) Najmah wanders around the camp to see all kinds of things set up in other tents. Najmah has now become very well at finding food but starts to feel bitter towards Khalida because she has all her family yet Najmah has no one. “ it's more that she has her family, everyone of them, safe around her and I have no one”.

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