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“Why Don’t We Listen Better: Communicating & Connecting in Relationships”
James C. Petersen, author of “Why Don’t We Listen Better: Communicating & Connecting in Relationships”, does a wonderful job of sharing very practical & personal advice, experiences, and information needed for better communication in relationships. Most people think they listen well, but they don’t! Peterson (2015) shows his readers that through active listening, communication works on all levels and ultimately can help people feel heard, understood and connected. Peterson’s text is not subject to one group of people, but to anyone who desires to maximize and improve their communication with others. The text explores several processes that, if followed, will assist the reader with listening more effectively.
In the first part of the book, Petersen (2015) outlines the Flat-Brain Theory of Emotions, which includes the stomach, heart, and head. The stomach is described as the location where the emotions and feelings reside. The heart is the place where concerns, suggestions, and support are given and received and it is also the place where personal responsibility is taken. The head function is considered the logical part of an individual. It is where our thoughts are stored. Next, Petersen (2015) describes the Flat-Brain Syndrome. This is the process by which the stomach, heart, and head function systems go out of whack. The stomach overloads with mixed emotions, causing the

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