Analysis Of Will & Grace

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Will & Grace
Players often enact drama on a stage, which can be viewed either on television or live. Drama can be defined as a literary composition that presents a story through actions and dialogues and is authored by a playwright. The success of the intended portrayal often relies on many different factors such as the coordination of the roles of producers, writers, and actors. All of them need to recognize the conventions and limitations of the stage. In the 21st century, television drama has become a colossal form of entertainment and it continues to entertain millions of people in their homes. In this explicatory piece, the American sitcom, ‘Will & Grace’, is analyzed with a focus on its themes and impact on the society.
Will & Grace is a sitcom set in the city of New York. Essentially, it explores the relationship that exists between two friends, Grace Adler and Will Truman. Will is a lawyer who happens to be gay and Grace is a straight interior designer. It is important to note that the show was filmed in front of a live studio audience on Tuesday nights. Art in its best form often allows an individual to experience life and ultimately changes the way a person views the world. Will & Grace is one of the few drama shows which has influenced its audience in this way. The plot of the story is extremely entertaining, full of comical relief. However, it does more than just amuse the viewers.
The show presented a different America; it showed it with a perspective, which

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