Analysis of Atwater and Waldman´s Leadership, Feedback, and the Open Communication Gap

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Leadership is an important attribute in individuals such as managers, academic experts, and researchers. The topic of leadership continues to gain popularity and importance in almost all sectors. The way leaders in managerial positions communicate determines their effectiveness and success in achieving high levels of performance and success in their organizations. There are numerous books that provide an insight into effective leadership and communication. One of such books is by Atwater and Waldman (2012). This paper provides a summary, contextual analysis and critique of the book.
The book gives an insight into leadership to boost the understanding of managers regarding open communication and feedback. The elements explained concerning
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5). It also extensively focuses on open communication, which is applicable in numerous fields, including human resource management and organizational behavior, organizational leadership, and organizational communication (Atwater & Waldman, 2012, pp. 62). The book explicitly explains some of the major areas that are usually difficult to or less understood in leadership. For instance, it outlines concepts such as sending and receiving feedback during open communication (Atwater & Waldman, 2012, pp. 14). This is a topic in leadership that is regarded as multifarious and difficult to understand, as it causes exigent dilemmas even at managerial level. The book supports its arguments by citing evidence-based research, case examples, ideas, and practical suggestions. By doing so, it equips current and future leaders with the necessary tools for preventing communication problems and solving leadership dilemmas in their organizations. The book, based on its well supported content and arguments, can be termed as a vital literary work that explains the concept of leadership in many contexts. The book proceeds to support its arguments and suggestions on leadership with evidence drawn from relevant psychological theories (Atwater & Waldman, 2012, pp. 101). The book provides an excellent and well researched review and discussion of the key characteristics of open communication. The characteristics are critical in leadership as managers use them to ensure that all feedback,
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