Leadership and Communication

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Leadership and Communication
Carl Barkers
Bus. 600 Mgmt. and Comm. Tech. Tools
August 6, 2012

Leadership and Communication

What is communication? What is leadership communication? These are two definitions that will be answered in this paper. You will take an extensive look at how communication from the top of the food chain to the bottom impacts workforce and insight on different communicating qualities utilized by leaders and their effects. Explain why a leader must communicate effectively. Describe positive image and its relationship with effective leadership communication. Describe ethics and its relationship with effective leadership communication, importance of emotional intelligence, and importance of mindfulness …show more content…

I had a manager that was very knowledgeable about the job. His Leadership qualities were outstanding. He could communicate well with the staff and with the clients when it came to serious matters. He had your back in any situation. The only thing he lacked was ethical skills. That was what brought tension with him and staff. In this field people take their job lightly. They would come to work fifteen minutes to thirty minutes late, having the earlier staff have to stay later than they wanted. What the manager would do instead of keeping the late staffs time where they came in late, he would set it back to the time that they should have come in and take the extra time from the staff that stayed later. Also he would commit financial fraud in that he was suppose to every Friday bring weekly spending to the clients in a certain amount ($25.00). He was supposed to bring funds to the site, give the funds to the staff, then have the staff count it. Then he was to have the client sign the verification form stating that they received a certain amount. He would come in tell the clients to let him see their wallets and he would put money in it without the staff seeing or verifying the amount. Once he would leave the clients would come to staff and say that they signed for amount that they did not receive. The manager was eventually reprimanded for the action and given the choice to either be demoted to a regular staff or be

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