Analysis of Using Porter’s Five Forces Essay

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Only few consumers switch because of issues with the firm. Even though online shopping customers hold all the power,’s low prices attract people and sustain them. This makes the firm to have medium level power (Williams 40). In regard to competitive rivalry, is among the first firms to enter the e-commerce market. Consequently, it has established itself as an aggressive and a large competitor. The firm’s innovation, which can be attributed to Amazon, has solidified. It is not going to allow competitors to come and take some parts of the market. As a result, has a low competitive rivalry. Competing with companies already successful is hard, and some companies cannot even keep up (Williams 40). There is a low threat of substitution. has diverse audio products. This implies that other firms that offer such audio products cannot keep up. In addition, the threat of new entry is low. The internet offers an easy means for anybody to create a website. However, becoming successful when it comes to selling affordable online audio content associated with outside companies can become difficult. is established in offering online audio content. In addition, the firm has an attractive market. Breaking into this established market is a very difficult thing for any firm to accomplish (Williams 41). SWOT Analysis Strength 1. Customer loyalty that is

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