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Case Study Report

Strategic Management 313

Unit Index Number 3522

Semester 1, 2006

BMW Automobiles


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Daniel Smentek, 13264679
Melanie Bernroitner, 13264682
Marie-Charlotte Neumann, 13264640

Submitted on, May 16, 2006

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 4

Introduction 5

BMW and the Automobile Industry 6

Aspects of the Automobile Industry 6

Historical Background of BMW 6

BMW in the Global Environment 9

General Environment of the Automobile Industry 9

Five Forces of the Automobile Industry 14

Competitive Structure of the Automobile Industry 17

BMW’s Direct Competition 22

BMW’s Resources and Capabilities 25

Tangible Resources 25

Intangible Resources:
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Facing that most autos were well built and reliable, quality took no longer centre stage in the mid 2000s. Hence, customers focussed on design and brand reputation. Thus the issue of brand identity became the most important competitive factor in the automobile industry.

Historical Background of BMW

On 7th March 1916 the German manufacturer of Automobiles and Motorcycles - today known as the ‘Bayrische Motoren Werke AG’ (BMW AG) - was

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