Analysis of British Airways

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TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 1. British Airways: Overview 4 2. Key stakeholders 4 3. Mission and objectives 5 4. Market structure 6 5. Managing diverse cultures 7 6. Economic changes, fiscal and monetary policy 8 7. Regulation 11 8. Conclusion and Recommendations 12 9. References 14 Executive Summary British Airways has focused its mission and objectives towards satisfying its key stakeholders that include employees, customers, Government and the British public. The company has been successful in dealing with cultural differences that arise between the UK and foreign countries, adopting a geocentric approach to hiring workers. The airline has also created a flexible organisation that responds quickly to the changing needs of…show more content…
Eventually, keeping in mind the interests of its key stakeholders, British Airways reverted to its former marketing campaign (Balmer et al., 2013). 3. Mission and objectives The objective of the airline is to focus on the consumer by providing maximum customer care whilst simultaneously being known as one of the world’s most responsible airlines. In this regard, the company introduced ‘one destination’, which is a corporate responsibility program designed to raise awareness on environmental issues promoting diversity and inclusion of minorities in the workplace. This helps create a corporate culture that understands the varying needs of consumers from different ethnic backgrounds (British Airways, 2014). To achieve this objective, the company set several long-term and short-term goals that promoted accountability, transparency and corporate citizenship whilst creating a flexible environment that responded effectively to consumer preferences. Table 1 illustrates the company’s 5 main short-term goals. Table 1: British Airways short-term goals Short-term goals Description Focus on long-haul premium customers Long-haul premium customers are vital for the company’s profitability and market share Outstanding customer service Innovation is encouraged to provide customer service that differentiates BA from rivals Increase presence in key global cities Expand in key global
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