Analysis of 'Grey Matter'

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Randy Ablack ‘Grey Matter’ is a short movie script by Jeanette D. Farr which concerns itself primarily with race relations and stereotyping. A young African-American male confronts an old white woman in a police station with regard to her apparent racial profiling. As it turns out, he is there to return the very same wallet that she is about to report as lost. The dyadic conversation between confrontation and conclusion is initiated by the nonverbal cue of her moving her handbag away from him. Through language and interactive listening, the conflict plays itself out in perceptions of self and other. Ultimately, the interpersonal relationship between the two characters is deepened. The many facets of communication, …show more content…

The piece even ends by revealing Marge’s forgetful nature in a nonverbal fashion. Much can be made about the truth revealed by nonverbal cues, but what Russell accomplishes through his clever manipulation of Marge’s perception using his intuited understanding of her perception of him, is quite significant. Without giving the game away, he carefully cajoles her into understanding how he feels. He

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