Analysis of Jean Watson's Nursing Theory

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Jean Watson Nursing Theory Sourial, S. (1996). An Analysis and Evaluation of Watson's Theory of Human Care. Journal of Advanced Nursing Theory of Human Caring Paradigm shift in nursing Nursing is a combination of art and science Caring is the CORE ethic of nursing BUT not just the verbiage the commitment to live the caring philosophy Caring for the WHOLE person Humans are the compilation of unique experiences that help enrich their own lives, and the lives of others Transpersonal caring = patient takes responsibility for their own health and looks to healthcare professionals for guidance Bit of Zen harmony between mind, body and soul Ten Carative Factors Humanistic-altruistic system of values Faith-hope Sensitivity to self and others Helping-trusting, human care relationship Expressing positive and negative feelings Creative problem-solving caring process Transpersonal teaching-learning Supportive, protective, and/or corrective mental, physical, societal, and spiritual environment Human needs assistance Existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces. Communicate Communicate the Carative Factors with patients, family, and colleagues Remember to think of the person as unique not as a number or hospital ID Use Matrix to get in practice Watson's Model Application Establish a caring relationship with the client. HOW DO YOU DO THIS? HOW DID YOU COMMUNICATE? WHAT ABOUT RAPPORT? Treat patients as holistic beings WHAT DID YOU DO? WAS IT
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