Analysis of an Ethics Memo of an Organization

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16 July 2013 Memorandum For Record From: Ethics Department ABC Co. Topic: Owen And Luke Background Luke, a well standing employee here at ABC came to visit the ethics department to discuss an issue that has recently arisen. Luke has been assigned to work on a project that involves lowering the value of his brother, Owen's, property. Luke informed me that Owen received an offer on his house that would allow him to escape the more than probable outcome that his property value will diminish. Luke felt both compelled to inform his brother about this project and to maintain his confidentiality clause he has agreed to with ABC. Issues The main ethical consideration is the value of maintaining his confidentiality clause versus allowing his brother to lose money on his house. A simple utilitarian approach would suggest that this is no problem. Luke, in the best interests of his brother, should, quietly and discreetly mention this project to his brother. ABC is not harmed in any way and Owen does not lose the money. But it appears a utilitarian view does not eliminate all the ethical issues. The real questions arises at what is the proper balance between a commercial agreement, such as Luke's with ABC, and a family relationship. Luke appears torn as his loyalty appears to be split between his work and his family. Another party to consider in this issue is the prospective buyer of Owen's house. What information is owed to this party as well? Analysis Kant's Categorical
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