Analysis of the Provision in Your Setting with Reference to Theory and Guidance

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This assignment will analyse the provision in a setting with reference to theory and guidance, using the National standards, the EYFS guidelines and OFSTED. I currently work in Tameside College Nursery as a Nursery Nurse. My job requires me to work with children between the ages of six months old and five years old as well as being responsible for a small group of children known as my key children. We have three rooms, Ladybird room, Caterpillar room, and Butterfly room. I currently work in the Ladybird room with the younger children. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and we base our planning, project files and observations around it. I assess, observe and track all of my key children according to the EYFS (2012) framework and I reflect with the children on their areas of development and make sure to provide next steps from the observations. In my setting we use all of the seven areas of development from the EYFS (2012) framework but according to the EYFS (2012) framework “three areas are particularly crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning”. Therefore, due to recent changes there are now three prime areas; Personal, Social and Emotional, Communication and Language and Physical Development, which for under twos, we focus on instead of all seven areas of development. If a child who is under two excels in areas such as Mathematics, or Literacy, then we will focus on them as well as the prime areas. In the setting, we make sure to protect

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