Analyzing Big Data Has Been Integrated Into Society

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Checking out at your local Target or Walmart have you ever thought of how much the store could know about you just based on what you buy? You picked up dog food last week so they know you have a pet, and you bought school supplies today letting them know you 're a student. Now imagine this store compiling the data of what all of their customers buy and correlating it with personal information gleaned from rewards cards or surveys. After amassing these large amounts of data, companies can become masterminds in predictive analytics. According to Naked Statistics, Target can even predict when someone is pregnant based upon what they buy in the previous months (CITE). This collecting of large amounts of data and use of said data to find correlations between, for example, what you buy and when you 're pregnant, is called big data. The analization technique has become increasingly popular in our digital age allowing huge amounts of information to be stored and processed. However, because of how quickly the process of analyzing big data has been integrated into society, it is critical that a guide be established to limit its uses in order to avoid misinterpretation of data that could lead to misinformed decisions that are falsely “supported”.
Big data, although fairly new, has garnered much popularity. And this popularity acts as an important piece in understanding how the new analysis trend affects us. Authors Marcus and Davis explain that “Big Data is suddenly everywhere.…
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