Impact Of Big Data On Business Decisions

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Introduction Since the 1970’s databases and report generators have been used to aid business decisions. In the 1990’s technology in this area improved. Now technology such as Hadoop has gone another step with the ability to store and process the data within the same system which sparked new buzz about “big data”. Big Data is roughly the collection of large amounts of data – sourced internally or externally - applied as a tool – stored, managed, and analyzed - for an organization to set or meet certain goals. The authors of [1] aim to dispel some of the current hype surrounding big data, mainly the misnomer that it is all about technology and the process is automated. In fact there are three critical elements requiring human expertise 1) the data must be the right kind, of sufficient quantity, and clean 2) a specific process must be followed for success starting with the identification of the objective 3) expert humans who know how to use the technology, execute the big data process, and perform the mining tasks which require significant mathematical calculations. This article offers a view of the technical and non-technical requirements of making big data a successful endeavor for an organization. To achieve this goal the 10 step process if big data is defined, the data mining technologies are reviewed and data platform issues are briefly discussed. Process This 10 step process and technologies discussed are required for a successful big data
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