Analyzing Past And Present Hip Hop

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Examining past and present Hip Hop Lyrics: How has the culture of Hip Hop changed overtime

How has the Hip Hop culture changed overtime? In looking at the dynamic in which music has changed by its usage of language and various forms of dialect and productivity it is clear that Hip Hop is a lot different in today 's modern society then in the 80 's and in the 90 's. In dissecting the lyrics of the Modern day lyrical rapper J.Cole and High End rapper Nas in order to understand the level of distinction that has taken place within the Hip Hop Culture overtime. J. Cole is best known for his realism, and authentic truth displayed in his music. J. Coles and his songs "No Role Model" and "It Won 't Be long" His song "No Role Model" focuses on his progression, where is as opposed to where he once was. "It Won 't be long" draws attention to the conditions of his life growing up, and how it was being a black man. The conditions of African Americans and the need to rise above is also displayed by the legendary rap artist Nas in his song, "N.I.G.G.E.R" and 'We are not alone." Nas is best known for his transparency and words of knowledge and encouragement as a means to help uplift the black community. Most of his work was written in the mid 90 's during the time of rivalry between the east and the west and intellectual, rap artist Tupac was killed in Los Angeles. During the time of the rivalry Hip Hop played in many cases brought many together and even torn people apart. What is Hip…

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