Analyzing The Aggregate Sales Of New Light Vehicles

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Abstract This paper offers a new framework for analyzing the aggregate sales of new light vehicles that incorporates cars and light duty trucks. Because this approach requires only a minimal set of assumptions about demographic trends, the state of the economy, consumer preferences, new vehicle prices and repair costs, and vehicle retirements, household income, it is shown to be especially useful as a forecasting tool as well get more insight on the buying behavior of consumers as well as understand why sales of light duty truck is more than that of the cars. This is NADA data that shows the total new light vehicle sales rose by certain percent in 2013. This is a statistical abstract of the United States that has been designed to serve as a guide to understand the motor vehicle sales from 2004 to 2013. Executive Summary This report summarizes the statistical modeling and analysis results associated with the light vehicles sales in United State of America for over ten years. The purpose of this report is to document the data collection and all the corresponding data modeling and inference technique used during the subsequent statistical analyses. The data used was drawn from NADA and the paper gives a concise overview of sales in the cars and light duty trucks. The reports indicate that the total new light vehicle sales rose by seven and a half percent in twenty – thirteen. This paper also develops a forecast if the sales for cars and light duty trucks

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