Analyzing The Odyssey : An Analysis Of Homer's 'Odyssey'

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Analyzing The Odyssey The Odyssey is a Greek epic poem written by Homer featuring Odysseus, king of Ithaca, as its protagonist. In the story, Odysseus is summoned to fight in a war by another king, so he leaves home after his wife, Penelope, had given birth to their son Telemachus, without knowing that it will be a matter of decades before he sees them again. After winning the war, Odysseus morals are put to the test, during his journey home, by monsters with bloodlusts, enticing goddesses, and a cunning crew. Through all the challenges he faced, Odysseus had proved to be loyal to his wife and his men, soft-hearted, but sometimes he acts a bit childish.
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He had repeated multiple times through the story that what he wanted the most was to go home back to Ithaca and feel the love of his family again. The quote “[B]ut he would rather die than live the life of one who denied the sight of smoke that rises from his homeland’s hearths.” (Homer 5). This quote provides evidence that what Odysseus wanted more than any amount of money or power was to see his homeland of Ithaca and his people. In addition, he would rather die than not return home and spend time with his family. When Odysseus is narrating his story of misfortune to King Alcinous, he says “I could see myself stepping over the threshold of my feasting hall to find my beloved wife. My son would be a ten-year-old boy now. I could see the pride in the eyes of my father. I could almost feel my mother’s embrace.”(Lupton 19). From this quote, the audience can derive that Odysseus is feeling regret for leaving his family to go fight in the Trojan War because he had missed a good chunk of his son’s childhood and even if he had returned home right then, his son would be ten years old. In addition, this quote expresses how desperate Odysseus is to live with his family because although he is always acting brawny and tough, he is showing King Alcinous his more soft and sensitive side.
There are multiple examples within the epic poem in which, when Odysseus is put in a tough position, he acts disobedient and ignorant. For example, although Circe

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